💗MY ExPeriENce AS an INtroVerT🙂🙇.

My name is Winifred as you all may already notice🤓, and I have been an introvert my whole life🤗.

I would initiate by first defining the word “INTROVERT” because not everyone maybe privilege to know. Who is an introvert? An introvert “is a person who is reserved or shy😳, one who enjoys spending time alone.” according to the dictionary.

This may be weird but there are people who actually enjoy ‘spending time alone.‘ Being an introvert has not been so easy or facile for me😕, it’s been sometimes difficult and other times comforting, so pleasant. As an introvert I have always been very shy, sort of alone and that is because it is my nature. I had always thought about being an extrovert, shaking all this burden off but it was just too much to take in😪.

As a young girl in school, I was always timid, terrified of what may happen if I ever cross my boundaries and perhaps receive punishment in front of the whole class😬. I tried not to overdo, because of its repercussion so I went into hiding like a mole in its hole.

My classmates intimidated me and made me feel so worthless, I always cried like a little child, I felt inferior and so belittled, I began to think it was my fault😔. And I was like that throughout my secondary school days and so it resulted to low self-esteem. I limited myself but that didn’t stop my God from making a name for Himself and helping me get distinctions in my subjects. Like a nerd🤓, I loved reading books and stopped at nothing until all my daily homework was done.

My experience as an introvert was sometimes lonely, but still made me feel as though I was complete.
As I grew older I tried mingling with people and fortunately I made a few friends who knew how reserved I was and and was well aware of my ups and downs. I was a little different when I was always with them. Male friends weren’t that hard to make they were usually the ones I rolled with the most, they were most friendly, and free and happen to be the gender with less issues💁.

Even with them around, I would still separate myself to sit somewhere desolate, a place I would rest my head and perhaps think about my life. It was usually a piece of cake, having God as my comforter, music as my friend, as the air blowing through my hair I always felt refreshed and relaxed.

However, having a lover wasn’t the problem but keeping them was an issue perhaps I haven’t found the right one yet. I guess I could say I’m just alone but not lonely😉.

After a while I found my worth and discovered my talents and started working on them. I also realised I loved and enjoyed writing it felt like a hidden room, where I found a way to pen down all my melancholic thoughts even the happy ones too😊. And so I continued, gradually pushing away those low esteems.

Because I was an introvert that didn’t give me the room to lock myself in and forget the hateful world. Rather I found another passage that led to light once again😌. Though I knew my flaws, fears, and my past, but that didn’t stop me at all. So it shouldn’t stop you, keep pushing🙂💪.

Being an introvert has taught me that I’m not like the rest but I’m far from my best🙂. And God who has created me, has done that in the peculiar way.

It takes just ME to be myself. It takes just an introvert like me, to do anything that doesn’t necessarily require more hands.
Nevertheless, we would rather be in a library🤫 than be at a club, or sitting in one corner than sitting in the midst of many people🙈. It takes just me to live in my apartment than to search for a roommate. I’d rather stay alone in my private little corner than to dance with a completely innocent but strange person who offered his hands in a friendly manner🧐🧐.

Howbeit, I may be wrong in somethings, but for me this is my experience _and lots more to come_ as an introvert🙃.

“As introverted as a wallflower and as extroverted as a glad-hander.”

❤️Thanks for reading 😘😘.

A love story 💙.

💙 Continuation (read part one first before this 🙂). Penned by Winnie_fred✍️🌚

Sometimes I forget what really happened to us, was it just the rejection or the “wait, I’m not ready yet” I said to you on phone? Or have you changed? It’s being a really long time, is it weeks, months, decades? I lost count. Aren’t you going to say you’re sorry? Aren’t you going to say you missed me and you want me back now? Why are you so unpredictable? Your silence is frustrating is that how it’s supposed to be? I thought we were made for each other so why did you leave me for her?

I kept thinking this over and over in my head as I look deep into his eyes I, saw NOTHING. No safety, no assurance, no sincerity, even no LOVE. And if there was one it wasn’t for me.

I’m confused, so tired. I have lost count of my sleepless nights, tell me how you really feel inside because, I can’t read your mind you are so unreadable. I never ever regarded you as my EX, cause I thought we would forever be together. Forgive me, if I have ever wronged you. Take me back I’m ready now, give our love one more chance please. I begged you as you packed your stuff’s about to leave the coffee shop I guess you were going to her.

“Listen to me,” I screamed, not minding the other customers around me. “Listen to me please,” I begged again. “I’m down on my knees please pick me up, my ego and pride have been smashed and crushed, take me with you don’t leave me behind.”

I forgot who I was, a strong-minded and independent woman, how could I have forgotten who I was just because of a man who neglected every of my kind gestures? I admit I was foolish for pushing you away, for destroying what we had and pushing you to the wall but these things happen, right? I’m not perfect and neither are you but I don’t mind, let’s be imperfect together. SHOW me the love we had before or is it all gone? Is she really your woman or was it all a prank? Did you ever really love me? SHOW me, by leaving her and returning to me, that way I would know you do. We would be the most beautiful couples together, me and you against the world. Say yes please and take my heart, don’t throw it away. Mutually, I know you feel me cos I feel you, I know your heart still beats for me, Please smile, don’t frown, raise me up and show me you still love me, prove it. Come closer; kiss me, hug me tight let me feel your breathe against my ear, your chest against mine, Show it. Prove it. Shun her and love me.

Passionate art

Though we’ve been through ups and downs, thin and thick in our lives, there have never been one day I didn’t feel this awkward but bonding😌 connection between us. It’s always satisfying and comforting also promising🤞.

“Mi amor, tell me you love me😢” I said as I held onto his knee, restricting him from going. “Tell me you’re here to stay, to stay with me” I cried regardless of the crowd gathering.

I cried pathetically waiting for you to pick me up, waiting for you to say the words, “Would you please let go of my legs, you screamed😤 as though you were embarrassed. Suddenly, the radio tune changed putting- (if I could turn back the hands of Time by R Kelly) through, then I remembered the days we really struggled, fighting the feelings we felt inside, thinking it was just infatuation, thinking we were not meant to be. Just in the moment, you already concluded by saying “see you at the top” therefore leaving me behind, I remembered so I withdrawal from your grip letting you go without a second thought without any delay so you left without even turning back I guess it wasn’t meant to be 15 minutes I stayed on the same position trying to fathum what had happened I thought you were for me but I guess I was wrong, maybe you and that girl deserve each other. Or maybe I’m mistaken, maybe my BOSS wasn’t referring to you so all of this was for NOTHING? But, Boss (God) cannot be wrong, He doesn’t lie, He’s never wrong, I thought.

Still on my knees at the centre of the café, no one cared to lend a hand or ask “what’s wrong?” they all walked past like I was invisible, while the new customers who just entered, started murmuring perhaps asking themselves the same question I was asking myself,”what is really going on?” “what did I miss?” No one showed any concern all they did was laugh calling me “pathetic” “shameless 😑” “game over girl!!!” and so on.

Until… Someone touched my shoulder with a palm as wide as a man’s, I looked up wiping away my tears and immediately cleaning my nose then I saw it was YOU. You came back but you were in tears “what happened” I thought. I have never seen you cry and truly, it wasn’t a pleasant sight cos your cry made me feel like crying some more. You ushered me to get up, with your hands on my shoulder you raised me up. I started to stared deeply into your lightly brown eyes hoping you would show me the reason you were crying, instead…

“Hey amor, I’m ready to talk” he said. “Why don’t we take a seat so your legs won’t ache?” he added.

“Yeah, alright” I said faking a smile.

After we had sat down next to each other he took my hands and started caressing them gently, softly as he proceeded.

“First of all babe, I’m sorry for EVERYTHING. I was wrong, I shouldn’t have made you cry or let you stay by yourself, please forgive me” he said.

I was speechless as I paid close attention to his every word keeping and maintaining eye contact even as he took his hands to rub remnant of tears off my cheeks. “Secondly, the girl whom you thought I was dating or in love with is my sister she dared me to post her picture after a game we had” he said.

“What game?” I asked curiously.

“T/D” he said.

“Hmm, so she dared you to post her picture with ‘LOML 💝’ as a caption?” I asked as I turned away.

“No, no, no, don’t turn away please. She, even I, didn’t know you would misunderstand it, I guess it’s because I hadn’t even introduced you to her I thought the time wasn’t right.” he said.

“Hmm” I said.

“Yeah, so please don’t take away your beautiful eyes from mine, I love the way you look at me.” he said returning my face to its initial position.

“So…” he continued.

“Yeah,” I said notifying him to carry on.

“I really never want you to think I no longer love you and have gone for another, I am still here for you and no one else can change that except God, never forget🙂” he said still holding my hands and maintaining eye contact .

“But, I thought you…” I said as he interrupted.

“I know, I only did what I did because of I love you and I want you to know that I won’t always be here for you I mean, waiting for you”

“ok…” I said plainly.

“Don’t take it another way, I’m a man with feelings. You can’t just drop me and pick me up whenever you like I am not a dress you would change to whenever you wanted cause it’s always there for you in your wardrobe, I am a HUMAN.” he said kind of vexed

“But, I didn’t mean it that way I said sincerely. “I’m sorry” I added

“It’s alright babe, he smiled in affirmation🙂.

“So, what’s going to happen to us, now? I asked

He looked into my eyes- smiled, as he drew closer to me, he asked, “can I kiss you my beautiful queen😙? I nodded, biting the bottom part of my lips as he took hold of my lips, gently kissing and caressing it. Reminding me of how we used to be😩. I felt the spark again sending shiver down my spine, I felt alive, and hope we would always be alive like this together, 4ever✨. Only time would tell.



Poem by Winnie_fred✍️🌚

My Mother
My sweet sweet Mother
How can I ever repay you?
For in pain you delivered me
And in tears you bore me.
You groaned in despair; in between life and death, you gave your last push as I came forth.

My Mother
My sweet sweet Mother
Years past and my eyes was opened
You showed me the ways of the Lord that I may not go astray.
In the days of my youth, you guarded and guided me through, fully aware of the gratifications in the world on- to derail me.

My Mother
My sweet sweet Mother
Sadness fills my heart whenever I remember the days I neglected your voice and heeded to that of my wayward friends.
Forgive me Mother for I was oblivious and foolish
Ignorant of my actions and its repercussions.
Please, forgive me Mother.

My Mother
My sweet sweet Mother
Words can’t express the love I have for you.
You divided yourself into multiple parts, just to serve us all.
You traded your happiness for ours and went out of your way just to prove you care.
Oh Mother, our super woman, how can we ever repay you?

My Mother
My sweet sweet Mother
“Blessed is he that honours and obeys his mother for great is his wealth”
Daily, I smile and look at you with sympathy and sensitivity
Surely in your old age, I shall show you great kindness and cause you no worries, that you may bless my soul.
And give me hope even when home is far.


Poem by Winnie_fred✍️🌚

a friend in need is a friend indeed.

. Many words unspoken-
. Fewer words written.

. Wild thought’s free,
. Mild thought’s gentle.

. 9 to nine,
. Time of life.

. Some gone to waste,
. More gone to taste.

. Enemies never bury-
. Friends never many.

. The fewer the better,
. The more the merrier.

. Wide path to fame,
. Narrow path to the lamb.

. Smooth road to drain,
. Rough road to main.

. Broadway to destruction,
. Thin way to infinite duration.

. Find one friend and deal truly with him.
. Find two friends and one may be the enemy.
. Indeed no one can travel around the world making a thousand and one friends, without making a few enemies.



(Words are enough for the wise, so be wise)
Love, what a small word with strong and different meanings.
Love according to the dictionary is a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.
Love according to me is the existence of extreme loving kindness, irrespective of the imperfect nature of the person or thing.
Love is a feeling that cannot really be described because sometimes it causes pain, hatred, depression and all kinds of sadness. But yet love is KIND.


Do you know that God is Love? And when HE told you to love HIM with all your heart, your soul, your strength and all your might, HE knew what HE was saying (Mark 12:30). When we HE said we should love HIM, HE wasn’t referring to we hugging, kissing or having sex with HIM. HE  meant we should all firstly have His commandments, then, obey them(John 14:24).
I am not here to preach to you like your pastors and other religions people around you, I am here to tell and teach you to Love. To love yourself and to also love another ❤️.
Love knows no bounds as God has no bounds_He is the Beginning and the End_ Love knows no poor,no rich, no beautiful,no ugly. Love knows no hate/no dislike, no age/no maturity. Love is PURE! Love is GOD!
Do you believe in Love?
Do you believe in God?

Love is not only between a boy and a girl, it’s not only between a man and a woman. Love is not a man who has a billion dollar cash in his account or the man that has only a 500 naira in his pocket. Love is not valentine, Love is CHARITY. It’s celebrated everyday, everywhere, with everyone.
Love is not just between husbands, their wife/s and children, it’s not between just families and friends, love is between you and your NEIGHBORS, love is between you and your fellow school mates(all of them), it’s between you and your church members, it’s between you and your worst enemy whom you don’t even want to smile to. It’s between you and that stranger sitting in your street, begging for alms, it’s between you and I, Love is between you and God.
Love needs to be shown to all and it starts between you and me 珞.

Love brings peace, joy and happiness (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). Love brings blessings back Home. Love know not wickedness, it thinks not evil in its heart, love SHARES. Love is a giver, not a taker and the Bible made it known to us that “if we give, it shall be given unto you (even in double folds)” because the heart that gives, RECEIVES.   No matter how small or how little it can be, God in heaven will bless you.

Some people think that love is all about kissing, cuddling and the rest of them. And until you show them all to your fellow “partner” love cannot be true or evident in the “relationship”廊.
But is that TRUE? No, it’s not!!!
You may choose to believe it and do all that to gain there love or to even show how much you love them, well, that’s your cup of tea, we will all speak for ourselves. #Lovegoesbeyondthat.

The Bible tells us this in (John 14:24), that “he who claims to Love God and do not have his commandments (Exodus 20:1-17) nor obey them, is joking (paraphrasing now). In essence, you hate Him.
This applies to us too as human beings that we are. Search carefully and look around you for any who claims to be your friend or claim to love you, know you, your rules, your principles, your do’s and don’ts but yet fails to obey them(except those few jokes), that person does not love you. SIMPLE!
Note to one’s self: Be wise and do not be deceived, its not until you kiss someone by the lips or the cheeks before they’d be aware you truly love him/her. There are otherways to love. Remember Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus Christ with a kiss, so be wise!

I tell you all today, believe in love, for because of love, God gave His son to us, to bring us back to Himself. That we may all be free from the works of the devil (1 John 13:4-8).
Love is a good thing, so Love 珞!!!
Do you believe in love? Then love your neighbor too (Mark 12:31)!

Hey beautiful 
Hey handsome 
You see that penny in your pocket, sitting there doing nothing, give it to another who may needs it. Take out your old clothes, your old shoes that are not yet worn out though (cos obviously u would like to treat them like yourself even better 珞) and give to the needy, give to poor, to the orphan. Give also to your enemies, even to that very stingy friend (everyone has one)who would never give to save his/her life, give to him/her to let them know you’re far better than they are來. Give to a stranger (though u do not know him/her, but in ur heart, u know he/she needs it more).
And while doing that, give your best smile(u know the one I’m talking about), your most beautiful smile, then stretch out your hand and give it. And as u do, may the Lord God bless each and everyone of you 珞珞珞來❤️❤️❤️❤️. May the Lord bless and watch over those that hear, read and do the afore mentioned. Amen.

I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️珞來❤️❤️❤️. Smile and Be Happy .
If you have any questions on the topic above, click on the send message button on this page and forward them to me. I will be happy replying them all.

STAY HAPPY, Winnie_fred✍️🌚.

10 ways to know you are in love with someone💘.

Love, the feeling of affection towards another has clearly today being mistaken for infatuation and mere likeness. When one says he is in love, he starts experiencing some certain things that can’t really be understood completely. He starts to care for his lover, giving full attention to her, going at lengths to prove his love to her, but before all this happened, how did he know it was love and not something else?Staring Imagine this scenario; a girl is in a classroom listening to the teacher when suddenly she noticed this boy sitting next to her, she starts to look at him for a long time, noticing and admiring his smile and face, forgetting her school work and now putting more focus on how deep his dimples really are. She doesn’t know it but in due time she’d realise that that wasn’t coincidentally but a feeling growing. Love.ShynessAnother case is shyness around the lover. Imagine a scenario in which a girl who couldn’t take her eyes from his eyes and physique,then he notice someone staring at him or this strange feeling that you’re being watched, he turns around to see who and immediately she averts her eyes from his feeling shy regret and hoping he didn’t catch her staring. She obviously loved him but couldn’t go up to tell him, so she use her eyes to assess him, indirectly crushing on him. Or should I say directly 😉?Lost in thoughtsAt night, you get restless thinking about this person, imagining they were beside you, holding you in there arms and possibly kissing your forehead. Your imagination then start to run wild and wide, taking you literally out of this earth and throwing you out of space. This feeling is love speaking. You smile over little things he/she does like “the way he held your hand and drew you out of the road when a vehicle was coming close with full speed” Lol, it’s simply love!HappinessWhen their happiness is all you want now and anything that would surely at least cause them to smile, you’re up for for it. Nothing else become more important to you than his/her happiness, and you could at length to give anything at all including your heart😉❤️, then that’s love. Like a lady said to her lover “Can I be your happiness forever?” she asked.StressThis is a very common and most times seen or comes as restlessness, mood swings and tiredness. Whenever you’ve done nothing at all through the day but yet feel like the whole world is on your shoulder, that is a feeling of love. Most times the stress of only loving someone and thinking about them always, can tire one out.Painless feelingA lady falls down from the stairs and stands up almost immediately, walking out the door like nothing had happened. Scientifically, a person who is in love with someone, doesn’t feel up to 40% of pain and 15% of severe pain. I guess you would say, the heart’s felt all the pain needed to feel, so the body doesn’t process the rest. Well, you’re wrong. When the heart loves or in this case is in love with someone, other things do not really matter anymore. That’s why when one ends a relationship, he/she tend to realise there was more to life than there relationship.New personalities When one starts trying out new things all of a sudden, things that normally didn’t matter to you or you weren’t even aware they existed, then you’re in love. For instance, a girl who wasn’t really into gaming or football games, suddenly starts watching live matches and wearing a football jersey with her or her lovers name written behind (customized), even going at length to master the names of every player in that club. Take note, she didn’t do this before and now her lover perhaps being a lover of football and a huge fan of a club, she tried it too, loving it, loving him, starts getting fond of it.Heartbeats Whenever you are close to your lover or perhaps thinking about him/her and your heart skips a beat all of a sudden, you’re definitely in love. And most times it would feel like very painful like your throbbing heart is about to come out of your chest. Whenever this happens, more often times, your lover may feel it too. It’s like some sort of connection between you and your beloved 💞.Comfortable with their irritating actsFinding comfort around someone is one thing, and being comfortable with one who picks his nose or farts in your presence, that’s another. If you’re in love, you wouldn’t mind any of that “irritating habits/acts” because everyone surely has flaws. But it takes a lover to see beyond the faults to find the real, beautiful/handsome person in them.Time Time is a very valuable thing. But when you want to always be around him/her, wanting to know more, to be there for them, to love them, to care for them, to just be there for them, you’re therefore in love with them. You may not notice but the more you’re always around him/her, the more your heart grows fond of him/her.So, I realise while you were reading through, you possibly had someone in mind, whether in the past or presently, or perhaps future times. Truly, love is a beautiful thing, if you’ve found it, grab hold of it! I hope you found this facts interesting and relatable.#Live #Love #Learn

A love story💙.

penned by winnie_fred✍️

I walked a thousand miles down memory lane, trying to forget the past and live fully in the present holding unto the future like it was my purse full of beautiful dreams already turned reality. I gradually looked back at our moments together, pictures and videos we made together, laughter’s that seized not from our lips and I noticed that we weren’t so bad after all. But still it was too late to go back to those days, you had already gone and left me behind in this cave were memories of us keep tormenting me like a devil in my head, playing a game of catch using a knife and not a ball. I was deeply torn apart. I can’t go back to the days we shared and the days I refused to accept you as my lover, I was too afraid then. I remember those days you pleaded and begged me to take your hand, and to accept your heart, I loved you no doubt but I wasn’t ready to mingle or to stay committed yet.
The last time I tried, I derailed from my mission (God’s sent purpose), I didn’t know what next to do or how to get back on the track, but I was very lucky that my Boss had mercy on me and gave me a second chance. He’s told me its not time to love despite He created love and He is love Himself. He said I should wait even after He already revealed to me that you were the one for me. I only obeyed hoping you would understand and know that I still loved you and would still want to be yours, FOREVER.

But now, I see photos of you happily standing with another lady, whom you call your “LOML”, your girlfriend everywhere. I cry every time I see you with her, perhaps you’re just pulling my legs cause you always joke a lot. But why have you decided to torment me like this? I thought you promised me  you would wait for me cause you really wanted to love me, you said I deserved your unconditional love, you said you would love me to the moon and back, so why did you leave? Why didn’t you wait for me? They say true love always wait, why didn’t you? I thought you said you never break your promises? Would you still come back for me and leave her instead?
I guess you chose her because of her beauty, or maybe you just liked her curves, her figure 8, as you would always tell me to exercise for and get.
I realise we would have been better together if only we were true to ourselves from the start, never lying or playing pranks on those we loved, keeping our promises and fulfilling them, being there for each other, trusting and caring.
Sadly, this lane I walk through has no end so I don’t know when I would see you again, to smile at you from a short distance in between perhaps that might remind you of the days we shared together, perhaps you may want to hold me in your arms, but would you even recognize me? Cause it’s been a thousand years now and I’m a lot like her now.